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did anyone do this yet

I love you Austin Hayes❤️i hope you’re having an amazing trip sweetheart, i miss you so much my darling❤️

Anonymous asked: How's that nosy? The anon made an observation that was right there on display for everyone to see lol

If they could read they wouldn’t have to ask questions

I want you. All the time. No one else. (via takemeawayplis)

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Anonymous asked: Lol I've been with my man since I was 15 but that doesn't mean I felt the need to get engaged still a baby

I’m pretty sure I’ve been through more than you can fucking imagine. I’m a growing woman, not a baby. Keep your opinions to yourself. Bless your heart.

Anonymous asked: You're 16 & engaged?

and you’re nosey.


wouldn’t mind if he moved a little bit closer close to me ;)